Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Famosa Resort Water World

Last Saturday,i went to A Famosa Resort Water World at Malacca.HAHAHA!i went to Malacca again like last Thursday.I went this place because of one person only.That person is Amirul Arif.My little brother.He like to went this water world a lot because he love swimming.Enough of that.We started our journey at 9.30 a.m.Firstly,we went to Ampang first to pickup my auntie and my cousin.After that,we go down to the highway and head away to Malacca.Thank god,the road was clear and no traffic jam.We didn't stop in any R & R because we were rushing to get a seat at the water world.We arrived there at 11.30 A.M.The parking lot was already crowded with cars and peoples.So we have to parked at the field beside the water world.We had to walked so far because the field was huge and the water world was so far away from the parking lot.Thank god,we found a seat and it was really comfortable.It was found by me.Hehe.I was so happy my mum can seat and relax comfortably there.After lunch,we changed our cloth and start our water world adventure.HAHAHA!

Firstly,we played at the Arabic.See those picture above?yeah,its quite simple right?but it was so fun.I didn't remember how many times i rode these slides,but its really damn fun.I don't care what people want to say about me,but i don't give a damn.All want is to enjoy that day with brothers.We repeated roded the slides again and again.We pushed all the children and babies.We also kicked them off from the slides because they are slow or stuck on the slides.HAHAHAHHA!

Secondly,we rode the fucking family raft.Fuck yeah man,it was so damn fun.We screamed so loudly as the raft going down on the slide.We stand on the raft like we were on a ship and scream out so loudly.My brother Aiman,jump of the raft and slided down the slide.He was so crazy.But my little brother Amirul Arif are more crazy.He do the superman body slide on the big slide.I was so scared looking at him.At last,only me left on the raft.HAHAHAHAHHA!

Lastly,we rode the most fucking hell slide ever in my life.It was so damn tall and its was really tired walking up the stairs.Its the body slide.Yeah man,its really tall.Its equal to 10 floor of a building.Damn tall isn't it?Yeah,firstly i was scared when i saw the surroundings.I saw the highways,the trees and a lot more.I was so freezing cold because it was so windy up there.Firstly,i rode the slide on the right first.It was so fast until the water get inside my nose.I felt like i want to die that time because it was so fast.Secondly,i rode the left one.That one are the more scary than the first one.Because the slide just straight down and it was a little curve than the other one.

We went back home at 7.00 p.m.While on the road,my car over heated again and we needed to stop for awhile.After half and hour,we started back again our journey.The traffic was quite busy.We arrived home safely about 11 p.m.I was so pity to my princess babydiera because i can't really text her that day.I am really sorry my princess.But over all,Amirul was the happiest person that day.He want to go there since last year and now he went it.I can see that he was really happy and satisfied with the vacation.

Thanks for reading . I hope you like it . Come here again . Have a nice day :)

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