Thursday, February 10, 2011

My cute baby princess

Hey guys,bet you guys will ask who's the picture up there right?Yeah,its my cute baby princess Baby diera.Is she different from before?did you guys noticed anything?Yeah,i noticed it.She had become more cuter than before.So really-really cute for me.Yeah,she did changed her color hair and had a new hair cut.Yeah man!i really love her new hair cut and especially the color.I love it so much.Really suite with her.I really love it.It makes me want to kiss her every second.She is so cute and i really can't take it.HAAHAHAHAHA!I REALLY CAN'T TAKE IT WHEN SHE SMILES AT ME..I REALLY LIKE HER SMILE A LOT.

If you guys want to know,i'm a big fan of Jessica SNSD.But not for now.Now i'm a big fan of Babydiera.I adore Jessica SNSD because she is cute and her hair that i really love so much.But now,with Babydiera's new hair,my adoreness with Jessica had gone.I didn't adore her anymore and now i only adore Babydiera only.For me,my Babydiera are more cuter than her.Mostly are more cuter than anyone.She is the cutest girl ever for me.I love her so much.I am her number one fan.I want to be her fan so much!i am BABYDIERA die hard fan!!YEAH BABY!!

Sorry for this post if you guys dislike it.I really mean it.I really mean it when i said i really love her so much and i really is her fan!I love her so much,i love everything about her.Her attitude,her way,her looks,her everything.I really love it.She is too perfect for me.I want her,i want her so much!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY DIERA..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I REALLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU FOR ENTIRE OF MY LIFE..I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY..I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU...I WANT YOU!YOU ONLY MY CUTE BABY PRINCESS!!!

Baby,even tough you always said that you are ugly but for me you are the most cute girl i ever seen in my life.

Thanks for reading . I hope you like it . Come here again . Have a nice day :)

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