Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Trip to Malacca With Baby Diera's Family

Last Wednesday,i went to Malacca with my sweetheart family.It was so sweet and fun!Firstly,in the afternoon,i arrived her house at 11.30 p.m and we started our journey to Malacca about 12 p.m.In the middle of the journey,the traffic was quite bad.A lot of traffic jams we occurred.We also opened the window because my car was over heated.It was so hot and make my armpits wet and smelly.HAHAHAHA!We arrived at Malacca about 4 p.m.A very long journey right?yeah,because of the traffic jam.It was so slow like waiting a turtle walking.When we arrived,we grabbed our lunch first at a restaurant near the jetty.My sweetheart father was so funny.He sang for me a song when he was karaoke in front of many people.After that,we had a walk around the Malacca street.I took a lot of Baby diera picture because she was so cute and i really want to kiss her but i can't.After that,we rode the boat and sailed all around the Malacca river.I saw a lot of new things and development towards Malacca city.There's a roller coaster ride,Monorail,New buildings and many more.Baby diera's father was so funny when he shouted at the people around the city and disturbed them.I laughed a lot when i saw him doing funny things.After that,we went to the souvenir shop to buy something.Baby diera's Mum was so kind.She bought for me chips and crackers.Our last stop was the Malacca china street.It was a busy street full with stall and chinese people.That time,me and baby diera was so tired.At last,we went straight to Kuala lumpur at 11 p.m.Before we went home,me and baby diera's Family have a supper at a mamak stall located at Masjid India.After supper,i sent them home and i arrived at 12.30 a.m.

From this trip,i know that my princess was really concerned about me.She always hold my hands and bring me everywhere.She doesn't leave me alone even once.She's always with me.She always ask my condition weather i'm okay or not.She always ask am i hungry?tired?sleepy?bored?she asked me a lot of questions.From that,i really know that she was really concerned about me.She's like my mother.The way she asked.her worried,her advices,all like my mum.I don't know why but how she talked was really like my mum.She really treated me so nicely.She always concerned about me.I never met a girl like this before.From that,i know that she's really love me.This is the prove that she really love me.I love you so much Baby diera.I really do,i swear.Please don't leave.I LOVE YOU!!

Thanks for reading . I hope you like it . Come here again . Have a nice day :)

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